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Timber or Masonry Construction?

Comparing Timber to Masonry House Building

Generally speaking, it cannot be said that that structural timber frame type of construction or brick and block type of construction is better than one or the other, it depends on the requirements of the project and various issues of location, accessibility, cost and speed.

Speed is certainly foremost in the case of timber frame construction (as above) as the build from the ground to weatherproofing can be achieved in a matter of Continue reading

First Aid Training

First Aid In The Workplace

Almost all workplaces are different from each other, but all carry the regulation that the employer is responsible, by law, to “make an assessment of first aid needs appropriate to the circumstances of each workplace”.

The regulation applies to all workplaces, even those that employ less than five staff, that adequate and appropriate facilities are in place should any worker have an accident or Continue reading

Fibre Optic Broadband

A Look at Fibre Optic Broadband

Modern technology has rained down a vast array of devices to become part and parcel of our lives, at work, at home, and just about everywhere else too.

Copper wires laid down to carry voice conversations have been laden with usage as time online has multiplied many, many times.

Web-connected laptops, tablets, smart-phones, smart tv’s online games consoles, tweets, likes, streaming films and working in the cloud, all add up to a large slice of bandwidth. It has to be transmitted Continue reading