SEO Introduction

Optimization Introduction

You need to understand which algorithm update has penalized your website if you are going to fix it. April 24th 2012 was a big day in Googles world & is the best indication that Penguin is the cause of your penalty. If you see a drop in traffic on or around that date, then your linking profile is the cause.

Google Penguin also demotes the terms most used in your back-link anchor text. The free back-link analysis tool at will show you the search terms being used in your back-links.

Linking Profile

Keyword text density requirements dropped overnight and today you need the highest for any keyword to be 5% or lower. Change the bulk of the exact match keyword links for either Brand based links, URL variation links or ‘junk’ links in several permutations.

Your company name or website name is ideal for a Brand link. URL links must be different variations of your web address.

Links from the same Class C IP addresses are not as powerful as from different IP’s so focus on attracting links from different servers. The best back-links come from sites with similar themes to your site.

A good trust score for the sites that link to you is vital, as it indicates the quality of the sites linking to them. Google’s linking algorithm loves to see that your back-link pages have back-links themselves. A page with no back-links is called an orphan page.

Automated Link Networks

Automate link networks only produce low quality spam links and sooner or later your web site will be penalized for links coming from within these networks.

link farm spamIf you use a reliable Bedford SEO company for your link-building, you should check that they don’t use low cost networks for your links (many do because they are a low cost way to create links).

Sooner or later these links will damage your linking efforts and it’ll cost you much more to rebuild your link profile and traffic than it would to create quality links in the first place. If you’re having difficulties building good quality links, why not purchase quality backlinks and take the first steps to optimizing your online marketing campaigns.

On-Page SEO for Penguin

As well as lowering the off-page keyword density through Penguin, Google changed it’s requirements for on-page keyword density too. Maximum keyword density on-page ought not exceed 2 to 3%. Reference authority domains (.edu, .gov) from relevant content as this is a very good indicator that your site is prepared to share quality information.

Your site content

Completely unique content is really important. Always write good quality content that is 100% unique to your site. A good linking strategy is to use contextual links using keywords within your content to link to related information on your website or perhaps an external site.

The quality of your web design is related to your website quality and collectively has an influence on all your internet marketing activities, pay per click campaigns, Twitter and Facebook social media marketing, video and viral marketing, everything in fact.

Video and Images

Graphics and videos are a good way to break up your text and a video will also help to increase the time that visitors spend on your page. Using bespoke alternate text behind each image is an opportunity to include a variation of a keyword rich description.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar errors are easy for Google to find and are a sign that the site hasn’t been created with enough care and attention. Be sure you use a spell checker before you publish new content. If you’re writing new content or re-writing existing page content, try to write a minimum of 500 words per page as this is proven to be beneficial for good search engine results.

It is best to focus on your real visitors, and not write just for google. If you write quality content that people like and have interaction with then Google will reward you. Google uses latent semantic indexing (LSI) to relate keywords with the same meaning.

This means that instead of repeating your main keywords time and time again you can use variations of each keyword and words with the same definition and Google will still understand what your content is all about.

Meta Data Tags

Each page of your website must have unique meta data. Duplications show that your site isn’t the very best quality and if you have a significant number of duplications you will be penalized. Each page of your site needs to have it’s own bespoke metadata.

This is a demonstration that you have put care into your site. Duplications will be penalized, especially if you have too many. Write intriguing meta descriptions that will encourage more people to click through from search engines and you will see a ranking benefit.

Content Engagement

It is important that your website pages load quickly otherwise you will never rank very high in Google search. The volume of visitors that don’t like what they find on your site and hit the back button is called the bounce rate. Your bounce rate needs to be 55% or less for top Google rankings.

Visitor Page Views

The more content pages that each visitor looks at, the better your website content is considered to be, so you will rise in the rankings. If your visitors stay on your website for a long time then Google rewards you for providing quality content. Do what you can to increase the average time on-site as much as you can.

More information can be found in many of the highest ranking SEO tutorials online which will cover each of these optimisation elements in greater detail, or talk to SEO³, specialists in SEO for Solicitors.

Whatever you need your website to do, it can do it if you employ proven processes to make it happen.